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Section 1: Personal Details

This section of the form provides us with important personal information which enables us to fully help students with their application. It is compulsory for you to complete each section, giving as much detail as possible.

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Section 2: Course Details

Section 3: Previous Qualifications

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Name of Institution/Location Date from (MM/YYYY) Date to (MM/YYYY) Qualifications/Awards (include grades) Subject(s) Studied
English Language Proficiency
Is English your first language?

If 'No', do you hold any of the following qualifications?
A level 2 in English completed in the UK, e.g., GCSE (A-C); Level 2 Literacy Key Skills
UKBA approved Secure English Language Test eg IELTS, PTE (Academic)
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Section 4: Work Experience

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Date from (MM/YYYY) Date to (MM/YYYY) Name & Address of Employer Job Title Main Responsibilities Full/Part Time

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Section 5: Fees & Funding

Please indicate how you will manage fees & funding

How are you going to fund tution fee?
Have you continuously lived in UK/EU at least for last THREE years?
If 'No', when your UK/EU residences start?

Section 6: Disability

Do you consider yourself suffering from recognized 'Disability' as outlined in DDA 1995?
If 'Yes', please provide your 'Disability' details:

Section 7: Declaration of Criminal Conviction

To help us maintain a safe & secure institution, please indicate if you have ever been convicted of a relevant criminal conviction. Only select 'Yes' if you have a conviction for offences against the person, whether of a violent or sexual nature, and/or a conviction relating to the unlawful supply of controlled drugs & substances. Do not select 'Yes' if your conviction is defined as spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. Consideration of convictions is separate to the assessment of your academic suitability.

If 'Yes', please provide brief detail of your 'conviction':

Section 8: Supporting Statement

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Section 9: Application Checklist

Section 10: Declaration

I declare that the information I have supplied on this for is, to the best of my knowledge and belief, complete and correct.
I understand that giving false or incomplete information may lead to the refusal of my application or cancellation of my enrolment.
I give permission to IntBusiness College to obtain records and information from any educational institutions previously attended by me.

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